Activism // Justice // Organization


Community-police relations

After I began my protest, I wanted to make sure that I was taking action to show police officers that we are not working against them or trying to undermine the sacrifices made by those in law enforcement.

To do that, we began holding town hall events where teammates and I could speak to local officers and have discussions about issues both sides wanted to draw attention to.

We also worked to develop a police ride-along program, which allowed us to actually go into communities with law enforcement officers to help foster relations with kids and young adults in those areas. Our goal is to show kids that police officers are not their enemy, and at the same time to provide a positive setting for interactions for the police officers with those citizens. Opening up these dialogues and relationships can help foster change by building respect as a two-way street.

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Education & Career Opportunities

A strong education is the most valuable gift one can give kids as they grow and mature. It’s something that can never be taken away from you, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that every child has equal access to education.

In addition, guidance is required for these kids to become well-rounded adults. That’s why strong role models and interaction with the right individuals/organizations can be so influential for these kids and young adults.

By working to shape and improve their futures, we’re making sure that the next generation achieves as many great things as they possibly can.